About Us

Brumado Hotel has been a local reference due to the high standard of its facilities and service excellence.

Our constant commitment to combine comfort, security and high service quality places us in a leading position in the accommodation sector in the capital city of Mato Grosso do Sul, the Pantanal State.

We guarantee our guests have an extremely pleasant stay in our hotel. 

Brumado Hotel was designed to provide excellence service to a wide variety of guests, following strict safety and accessibility regulations. Business executives, families, youth or senior traveling groups or backpackers, whether on business or leisure trips will certainly have the best accomodation experience in Campo Grande, MS.

Afonso Pena Avenue, where Brumado Hotel is located, is the city’s main thoroughfare, directly connecting the International Airport to Parque dos Poderes ( State Government Administrative Center), through the commercial center of the capital.

Therefore, Brumado Hotel is located on the same avenue where you can find the City Hall, Casa do Artesão (local art center ), Morada do Baís (City Tour bus departure point), Shopping Popular (mall ), Shopping Campo Grande (mall ). Further along the same avenue, there is the city’s the main square and its biggest park, Parque das Nações Indígenas, which houses the Museu da Cultura Dom Bosco and the Aquário do Pantanal (under construction).


Ecologically sustainable enterprise

Brumado Hotel was the first , (and is still the only one in many aspects) to adopt a total environmental sustainability policy. Here are some measures supporting this commitment:

  • 100% High energy efficiency ratio air conditioning;
  • Water uptake from the air conditioning system to be used on external areas and pool cleaning, as well as watering the plants.
  • 100% Treated water (we do not have an artesian well);
  • 100% solar panels and Jelly Fish heat exchangers water heating, with an alternative gas heating system for emergencies;
  • Automatic Faucets: all the bathrooms and lavatories in the hotel have automatic shut-off faucet,s with water flow and time control, reducing water waste;
  • Bathrooms: All the hotel bathrooms and lavatories have toilets with flow regulated flushing tanks, bidet douches and showers;
  • Water saving flushing toilets: All flushing tank toilets have water consumption regulation;
  • Energy saving light bulbs everywhere in the hotel;
  • Energy Saving: all guestrooms have an automatic timer system for energy saving. All equipment and appliances shut off automatically, except for the minibar;
  • Intelligent lighting: internal corridors with motion sensors and external light fixtures with photocell activation ensure energy savings as well as more safety for the guests;
  • Waste Recycling System: Brumado Hotel has an agreement with Girux Ambiental, a company specialized in collecting and transport cooking oil to be recycled into biodiesel, paint, soap, detergent, etc;
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